Let yourself be enveloped by the coziness of our homes.
The granite walls hide the history of these lands and inside you can breathe tranquility.

We have several typologies available, from T1 to T3.
Choose the one that best suits your stay.


T1 plus T2

House of Cultures

In this space you will find everything you need for a few beautiful days of peace and quiet.
With sweeping views of the meadows and the mountains, natural light invades every corner.



Aunts’ House

A very bright house, extremely comfortable and with a refined decoration.
Attributes for an environment suitable for relaxing and spending good evenings with family.



House of Traditions

A three-bedroom house to spend a few days with a taste of the countryside.
Here you return to the origin of the simple things in life.


Sleep comfortably in one of our spacious rooms.

With all the privacy you need to disconnect from everyday life.

There are four rooms with different details.

The decor is unique, as is the view through the window.

It will be difficult to choose.