The best things about life in the countryside are the simplest things. Small pleasures that are often memories of our childhoods. We remember those times when we lived slowly, of activities to occupy our free time and relax, and made this short list:

5 (irresistible) reasons to visit us:

Landscapes to discover: We have already given you some clues, but let yourself be surprised and go off to discover without map or references places where nature still remains in its purest state: drink pure water from springs, find nests among the trees, keep a shepherd company, climb to the top of a hill and enjoy the view. You will certainly create unforgettable memories. Flavors with soul: Discover the authentic flavors of Beira, seasoned with the best smoked meats, cheese, roast kid and lamb, conventual sweets, meat bread, wines and sparkling wine. Rest with time and leisure: You will have time to have a picnic in the shade of a chestnut tree, watch the sunset in a belvedere, sleep by the fireplace, pick mushrooms or fruit from the trees, read a book on the patio. Live the dolce fare niente. Breath history and heritage: Lands populated since pre-historic times, you will find orcas and dolmens, ancient churches and monasteries, manor houses and pillories. Water and Mountain: With the company of nature you will find a place to practice the most diverse sports, with a vast extension of water and mountains, you can practice canoeing, fishing, trekking, BTT, TT, Downhill, hunting…


Sleep comfortably in one of our spacious rooms.

With all the privacy you need to disconnect from your daily life.

There are four double or triple rooms with different details.

The decor is unique, as is the view through the window.

It will be hard to choose.