Convento da Nª Srª da Assunção / Tabosa do Carregal / Sernancelhe

Between vineyards and chestnut trees

From Moimenta da Beira it is worth taking a detour to Fonte Arcada, to see the historic center. The Romanesque Church, 19th century. XII, the Fountain with pointed arch, which gave its name to the town and the Casa da Loba, 19th century. XIII.
Continuing to Tabuaço we can appreciate the portico of the Church of S. Pedro das Águias (MN), founded in the 17th century. XII, which is located on a ravine slope on the side of the Távora river, facing a cliff.

We head south until we find Serra da Lapa, where we can climb to one of the oldest Portuguese sanctuaries. The Chapel of Senhora da Lapa was built later, in the 17th century. XVII by the Jesuits. Moving a little further east we find the Monastery of Our Lady of the Assumption of Tabosa (Nuns of the Cistercian Order).

Sernancelhe is the next stop on the route. The leafy chestnut trees that can be seen from the road hint at the importance of chestnuts in this area. In Penso we find Maxilazer, Lda., with displays and sales of wines, crafts and regional products.

In Sernancelhe, we can visit the Main Church (IIP), which features an extraordinary set of Romanesque sculptures, and in the historic center there is the 17th century pillory. XVI and the Baroque Solar dos Carvalhos. It is worth appreciating the granite sculptures spread throughout the village’s streets and gardens.

The route ends with the magnificent view that can be enjoyed from the top of Penedono Castle (MN), 930 meters above sea level, dominating a vast panorama all around, only limited, in the distance, by the highest reliefs of Beiras and Além-Douro and Castilian lands of the ancient León kingdom.


Water and Mountains

The Vilar dam and its surrounding mountains invite you to practice sports such as canoeing, mountain biking or trekking.


Climb to the Belvederes

Nature and Heritage is what you will find during a pleasant walking tour.


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