Pátio dos Sanhudos, where Aquilino Ribeiro was born in 1885 / Carregal – Sernancelhe

Discovering Aquilino Ribeiro

The writer who is one of the greatest names in Portuguese literature was born in the parish of Carregal.

He was born in Carregal, Sernancelhe in 1885. Although he lived between Lisbon and Paris, he never forgot the so-called “Terras do Demo” (Demon Lands). With a vast published work, his very rich lexicon, makes him a timeless writer.

Reading his books is getting to know the essence of this region, it’s looking at the chestnut trees that populate the landscape with different eyes, identifying the birds by their song and understanding the essence of these Beira people.

We recommend a visit to his Foundation in Soutosa, Moimenta da Beira.

(note: appointment required, +351 232 607 293)


Water and Mountains

The harmonious junction between mountain and river.


Climb to the Belvederes

Nature and Heritage is what you will find during a pleasant walking tour.


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