Lapa Sanctuary / Sernancelhe | Be sure to try the cheese and bread made in this mountain village.

“Lapa, one of the oldest sanctuaries”

The Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Lapa is one of the oldest in Portugal, it is 520 years old and causes some wonder due to its monumentality in the middle of a rural area, at the top of the mountain where the Vouga river originates, in the municipality of Sernancelhe

In the thread of history, in the imagination of legends and in the testimony of built heritage there is a common point: the stones. The stone on the walls of the chapel and the college, the stone that purifies us and the large stone (lapa), which, in an unusual way, is on the main altar of the chapel, as it served as a shelter for the image of Our Lady.

It was once one of the largest on the Iberian peninsula, along with Santiago de Compostela.


Senhora das NecessidadesFrom the top of Mount Borralheira, steeped in pine and chestnut trees, you can enjoy a unique landscape, with the River Távora bathing the village and the surrounding hills. It is one of the most fantastic viewpoints in the municipality and hosts one of the most complete and interesting sanctuaries in the region. An interesting space, where you can have a picnic, walk through pine forests, or just rest.

Senhora da Saúde: in Fonte Arcada it takes place fifteen days after Easter, and is preceded by a preaching novena. The celebration became known for its procession, in which ox carts transported the scaffolds from the church to the chapel, to the sound of Zés Pereira’s drums. At the same time, the sanctuary grounds host a fair, just like in the time of the medieval fair, but now adapted to modern times. Senhora da Sáude is the second largest pilgrimage in the municipality, due to the faith and mysticism it awakens in pilgrims, and the commitment that local people put into its organization.

Nossa Senhora de Ao Pé da Cruz: takes place on May 3rd. Saint Patroness Day is also a municipal holiday. The celebrations take place on Monte de Santa Cruz, where the mass, popular socializing and entertainment take place. The parachute jumps in the festival grounds are already part of the tradition. The good water that flows from the side of the chapel also leaves no one indifferent, but it is around the granite tables, covered by the shade of the pine trees, that families get together and share meals on that day, fulfilling a ritual that has passed from generation to generation. . It’s worth coming to these popular festivals.

Feira dos Santos: In the middle of winter, on the first Sunday in November, the fair of the year takes place. It is an event that attracts crowds, where you can find fresh agricultural products, traditional sweets and unique pieces of local crafts. In short, it is a cultural event that takes place at a time of great religious symbolism.


Water and Mountains

The harmonious junction between mountain and river.


Climb to the Belvederes

Nature and Heritage is what you will find during a pleasant walking tour.


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