Canoeing in Tavora river. Vila da Ponte / Sernancelhe

The mountains and water invite you to practice sports

The harmonious junction between mountain and river.

Sernancelhe is a municipality marked by the harmonious combination of mountain and river. The mountains of Lapa and Zebreira and Pereiro and the River Távora (which flows into the Douro) are elements that give it unique characteristics for the development of hunting and fishing activities. The variety of game and the possibility of enjoying the tranquility of Távora while diving your hook in its waters, make the region attractive, mainly for the practice of recreational and sports modalities. The undergrowth, the proximity of crops and the position of some mountains explain the abundance of species such as rabbits, hares, foxes, partridges and turtledoves. The municipality has several hunting areas, managed by the respective parish councils, where hunting activity takes place observing rigorous care to control the species. The wild boar rides promoted several times a year, have as main objective to protect the cultures from the action of this animal, and to provide days of great conviviality to the hundreds of hunters that flock to this region. Távora is the river where fish abound. Taking advantage of the charm of its banks, the shade of the alder trees and the natural dams, barbel, bogue, carp and trout can be caught. Villages such as Ponte do Abade, Vila da Ponte, Pensa, Freixinho and Faia are an example of proximity to the Távora River and fishing activity. Over the centuries, they have known how to make fishing the fundamental activity for their economy, having also become a reference gastronomic base, of which they are proof of river fish freshly fried in marinade sauce, a traditional delicacy of our municipality that local restaurants make it available on their menus.


Pedestrian Routes

In a region of great biodiversity, it is easy to find panoramic points where the beauty of nature dazzles us.


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Among vineyards and chestnut trees.


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